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Sheen Educational Foundation

Sheenway School and Culture Center

SB 1375


                                                                         NOW!  Accepting students!

To apply for the upcoming sessions complete the pre-enrollment application.  Applications can be downloaded from this page, completed then emailed to sheenvillage@att.net.   Applications can also be submitted duing a scheduled visit to school.  Upon receipt and acceptance of your application, SEF will contact you, schedule a visit and confirm registration  if space is available.  A non-refundable registration fee is due upon parent/guardian agreement to enroll student.   After preliminary interview we encourage all applicants to submit a request for financial assistance.





Registration (Non-refundable) $100 per student 

Covers: placement, insurance, textbooks, technology, enrichment resources, and informational material.  

Monthly $800 (Includes lunch, two snacks and most field trips) 

Partial scholarships and family rates



$65 -Includes P.E., activity and dress class shirt (one set)

Black slacks, black tie and black sweater available at Hilda's Uniform Shop

Tennis shoes for athletics and arch supported shoes for daily wear.


Where to purchase uniforms?  T-shirts can be purchased at Sheenway.  

Other uniform items available at:

Hilda's Uniform Shop

1001 East Compton Blvd

L.A., CA  90221 (323) 631-7474


PARENT INVOLVEMENT - Required and appreciated

A requirement for acceptance into the SEF program is parent participation.  Students with parents participating in school activities seem to have fewer behavioral problems and better academic performance.  Throughout the year opportunities for the family to support SEF will be abundant.  Attending performances, assisting on field trips, sharing your trade specialty with students, fundraising activities, tutoring, donating, beautifying the campus, attending parent teacher conferences, etc....  The family wll be required to volunteer a minimum 30 hours between the first week of the school session and the last week of the school session.  Parents will be billed $2 per hour not completed.



A late fee will be charged each minute an administrator or teacher has to wait with a child after scheduled student release time.





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