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Sheen Educational Foundation

Sheenway School and Culture Center

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Sheenway Student Bakery


Active since 1980, the Sheenway Student Bakery offers an entrepreneurial experience to striving youth of Watts and South Central Los Angeles.  The integration of academic and social skills with  tools and platforms for operating a functional business is a pathway for higher learning and expanded career choices.  The steady growth of satisfied patrons supports imminent plans for mobile sales - an expansion that will accommodate a unique food service, increase local job opportunities, and provide hands-on-experience for a working intra-community task force.

The vision of Dr. Herbert Sheen continues.

Janice Marie Johnson/President    

Sheen Education Foundation

Customer Responses

I have tasted a lot of pumpkin bread during my life but nothing as good as the Sheenway Student Bakery pumpkin bread!  What a treat.  Thank you so much.   - Karen Daniels

I usually purchase several loaves at once to gift friends and family.  Delicious!  -- Trina Blakely


T.G.I.F. (Traveling the Globe is Fun)

T.G.I.F. is a campus/community project that enhances and enriches youth via local, national and international travel.


S.S.C.C. (Sheenway Serendipity Cricket Club)

S.S.C.C, sanctioned by the California jr. Cricket Association, is included in our athletic program for developing good sportsmanship, fair conduct, and critical thinking skills.  Local, national and international travel is associative. 


Tea and Symphanthy - A social club

T&S is a coed social club to develop awareness and outreach against victims of human and sex trafficking with focus on a buddy system.


Herve's Ferme / 4-H Club

A farm husbandry and garden program which includes food study and home crafts.  Tv actor Herve Villechaize supported our first community garden.



Sheenway Theater Arts Repertory Company - Performing Arts (dance, drama, voice-diction, music, choral, grooming/modeling)


Enrichment classes 

Ballet                           Art

Boxing                        Drama                    

Voice/Music               Drill

Gymnastics                Cricket

Karate                         Practical Arts -cooking, entrepreneurship, & trade tech skills

4-H Club                     Parenting Success

Dance - ballet, hip hop-krump, tap and modern.

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