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Sheen Educational Foundation

Sheenway School and Culture Center

Sheenway School and Culture Center Alumni

Alumni Committee

Benitha Trina Blakely

Cheryl Iiams

Janice Marie Johnson

Jejuana Johnson

Marni Luther

Dolores Sheen 'Aunt Dolores'



September 19th 6:00pm

Conf. call

Social Media Strategy team meeting


September 19th  6:30pm

Alumni Committee Conf.Call.                      Plan events/fundraising/promotions for Sheenway's 50th anniversary in 2021.

Sheenway's MOBILE BAKERY     coming soon!!!








All Sheenway students, parents and friends of Sheenway are welcomed to join the Alumni Planning Committee. Connect with other alumni, network, help form the future of Sheenway, give back by supporting school events or donating.

To join or inquire about committee provide name, email and request below.  

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