Sheenway School and Culture Center is a living laboratory of learning and teaching, a place where diversity and multiculltural enrichment weave into the dreams of tomorrow. Parents, the first teachers, join hands with Sheenway, the community, and beyond, bonding into the village that raises the child.

This is a sacred and invaluable legacy of love and hope - a gift that keeps on giving!

"A child is a promise of immortality." -Herbert A. Sheen, M.D.

Sheenway Sankofa Mural by Charles Boko Freeman

Sheenway School and Culture Center is at the same place, but has a new face!

Our prior identification, the historic mural painted in 1978 by artist, Charles "Boko" Freeman, greeted drivers and passers-by for over 30 years. "Boko" has created a new mural, "Sheenway Sankofa", chronicling the history of Sheenway's stewardship and legacy to the Watts/South Los Angeles communities. This new mural adorns the north walls of Heritage College-Ready Academy High School, an Alliance Charter School that is now a partner to our campus at the Sheen Educational Center, 10101 South Broadway Street, L.A., California, 90003. This new state-of-the-art charter school opened this fall on our campus, a gleaming new learning institution speaking to the history that transpired where it now stands

The noble

Hebert A. Sheen, M.D.

...neighborhood physician whose earnings and visions led to the creation of a premier pre-K to 12th grade day school in this rough-and-tumble community.

The famous comedian

Richard Pryor

...who donated thousands of dollars to help purchase major land for the school and who became an integral power for peace in our 'hood'.

Judge and

Councilman Billy Mills

The first African-American graduate of UCLA Law School, Mills left the Council after he was appointed a judge of the Los Angeles County Superior Court.

The musician

Dr. Jester Hairston

legendary composer, singer, arranger, and songwriter.

The daughter

Dolores Sheen

The daughter, Dolores Sheen, best known as Aunt Dolores, who carried her father's vision forward, educating generations of youth here, and now in Ghana.

The Educator

Paulo Freire

Educator and influential theorist of critical pedagogy.

...and the mentors and benefactors who help craft and influence The Sheenway Experience,

The Sankofa is a symbol of the importance of learning from the past - from history; to understand why and how we came to be, who we are today, and the journey we must take to claim our destiny. Congresswoman Maxine Waters was the officiant at the dedication of our new mural and the start of our capital fundraising campaign to build the Sheenway Youth Enrichment Center on campus, behind the corporate office, at 321 West 102nd Street, L. A., California, 90003, completing the Sheen Educational Center.

The new center will provide outreach to include student and teacher exchange with local venues, with Sheenway Ghana, and with our international think-tank of national and global educators for the advancement of innovative and comprehensive early education. There are limited programs with qualitative content and motivational critical thinking available to inner city youth for the development or maintenance of literacy and supportive mental acuity.

The older teen faces the additional challenge of higher educational failure with 70% of their peers failing to get a degree or to transfer to a university. Our children need more preparation for college level study and education. Early enrichment studies and activities underscore academic efforts and encourage a total education within the grasp of all learners.

You are invited to help shape the next chapter of the Sheenway story ~ a legacy of Sankofa to our children - and a visual reminder that the impossible is possible!

Your investments in Sheen Educational Foundation will reap an abundant harvest, because YOU are the Village that is raising our children...YOU are Sheenway!!

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